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Abundance of creativity. Experience in details. Beauty in every line. Understanding flow of livable space. All of the heavy lifting by the brain cells of our designers is done for you on  the first step. Design is what makes the whole process flow smoothly and delivers your a product worthy of admiration. Trusting us with your project is employing all of the above in a simple, effective and functional product.

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Proudly made in the USA. Family operated business. High precision CNC machinery production multiplied by experienced assembly and high quality materials is a proved formula to a great cabinetry. Our 12,000 square feet facility located in Rocklin, CA is not only professionally equipped and organized but also allows us to take projects of scale. No project is too small or too big. Simple shelving solution or an apartment complex of  kitchens, bathrooms and other cabinetry is just what we are here for. Schedule a tour of our office and see with your own eyes what we do.

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Prompt delivery. Safe practices in transporting. Friendly and professional staff. All of the professional traits before we ever step in your space and bring your products for its final installation and use. We have a goal of your satisfaction and we are committed to hitting it every time. Using proper fasteners and professional tools on the job is just a must. Our installation manual and training is robust and our technicians are experienced. Our high quality production is matched by precision installation on site.

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  • Do you offer a warranty for your work?

    Our company is proud to say "yes" we guarantee our work within a reasonable measure. As our production takes a custom curve to make your cabinet every case has to be reviewed per-case basis. The hardware such as hinges and slides have a lifetime warranty by manufacturer and we are happy to replace them if they break. There is no warranty for neglect or physical damage as common sense tells.
  • How long does it take to produce a residential kitchen?

    Our schedule varies and material of your choice may dictate the pace of production. As a general rule we can predict design to installation in about 6-8 weeks.
  • Do you charge for estimates?

    We do FREE estimates On-Site. There is no possible way of giving you an accurate amount of investment over the phone so at the very least we'd need your blue prints and/or material type.
  • Can you remove my old kitchen?

    We specialize in new cabinetry and kitchen production and we do NOT deal with demolition. The installation site must be ready for delivery, open and clean to get started right away. Unprepared spaces may delay installation.
  • Do you install granite, marble or quarts counter tops?

    No. The simple answer is - we deal with wood and polymer materials. We are happy to recommend a slew of specialists whom we've seen at work with stone and marble.
  • Do you take partial projects?

    We specialize in production of entire cabinetry and space arrangements. However, we are happy to look into your project and take on work such as kitchen door replacements, hardware upgrades and shelf addition.


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