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Our history takes place way back in the year 2000 in the state of Indiana. Carpentry and custom shelving was our bread and butter in homes, offices, libraries and other facilities of choice for our customers. About 10 years down the road we’ve opened our first production shop in Sacramento, California. More speed, agility and precision with quality equipment allowed us to join the game of custom kitchens production. Constant growth demanded bigger space and more machines to become part of our process. The space maxed out at 5000sq ft and the demand exceeded our capability. He had to move on…


Everything begins with an idea. The space is measured and the layout is built in virtual space as a design presentation in 3D for our customers confirmation. Once approved the materials are chosen and production begins to take shape in real world of milling and woodwork. From your imagination to our final touch in installation we are here to help and support your project.


Today our team has grown beyond our family and utilizes an array of high precision equipment in our about 40,000 sq.ft. facility. We are proud to be 100% US based manufacturer. Our shop is filled with CNC routers, edge benders, beam saws, dowel processors and many other specialty tools that make our production fast, reliable and extremely high precision. Our manufacturing is on an entirely new level of speed and delivery.


The team consists of our great family and those who joined our friendly atmosphere. Our new members are trained and guided with experienced technicians and promptly catch up to our level of workmanship. We are constantly growing and plan to open a showroom in the nearest future.


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